JIHAD – The Brutally Misused, Mistaken, Misinterpreted, Mocked & Hijacked Arabic Word

As always all the critical talks done by Muslim Scholars about the Hijacking and Misuse of the word ‘Jihad’ will never hit our mainstream media.

Jihad‬ means ‘ The Spiritual Struggle Within Oneself Against Sin’

So if I stop myself from drinking Alcohol then I am doing Jihad. Every such struggle against Sin is Jihad and a person who is on constant struggle against Sin is a Jihadi.

Read more: http://mshammas.wordpress.com/2014/08/26/jihad-the-brutely-misused-mistaken-misinterpreted-mocked-hijacked-arabic-word
Pictures Courtesy: ‪#‎MyJihad‬ – Public Education Campaign (myjihad.org)

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